A great financial decision for students

Usually students are people who have enough money only for food. But with the proper use of personal funds, you will be able to find some money even for fun. And a one aspect of money management is intelligent use of personal credit card that begins from the correct selecting of it.

The provided information is corresponded to Student Cash Back. The card is issued by Discover It. It is a great choice for young people who are studding. And if compare it with other similar cards this one would be the best. Why? Read the following information to find out.

Firstly, you should not pay yearly fee and charge in case of delay in first payment. Moreover, students have a chance to earn additional $20 if their GPA is 3.0 or higher. Also, students can earn a great 5% cash back when pay by this card at different places such as food establishments, gasoline stations, product shops and even when purchase at Amazon. Other kinds of purchases bring 1% cash back. Take an advantage of 0% APR for the first 6 months. Then it will be from 14.99% to 23/99%. The bank claims to match all your rewards. All rewards you have earned can be redeemed for cash in any amount and at anytime.

This card is quite secured. It is provided by a system of alerts and possibility to freeze the account in a second. These options are available via your smartphone. Those students who travel a lot should appreciate this card because of free foreign transactions. The bank provides high quality customer service that available at anytime.

Additionally, you can visit the website of the bank to learn more about this credit card.

Thank you for you attention. Hope, you will make a correct decision!